Rogers Behavioral Health, one of our Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech sponsors, sits down with Solome to talk about the diversity of their behavioral health programs for youth and adults and how they quickly adapted to telehealth due to COVID-19. Watch their session on to see the full story:

What is Rogers Behavioral Health and what do you do?

Rogers Behavioral Health is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit provider of highly effective mental health and addiction treatment that helps people reach their full potential for health and well-being. We offer evidence-based treatment for adults, children, and teens with depression and…

Watch Magellan Healthcare’s session, “The Role of Tech-Enabled Behavioral Health Solutions in This Time of Social Distancing” on Wednesday, June, 17th!

One of our Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech sponsors, Magellan Healthcare, has a wealth of COVID-19 resources to support individuals with their health and wellness. Solome sat down with the Magellan Healthcare team to learn more about what they’re doing as an organization to address the demand for behavioral health supports during COVID-19.

Magellan team, tell us more about your COVID-19 response and what resources you’ve made available to people to address the anxiety that comes with the pandemic?

As COVID-19 has struck the United States and the world, most of us would probably acknowledge that our peace of mind…

Watch Dr. Alavi discuss digital mental health clinics at #GDBHT2020!

How to launch a digital clinic, you ask? The OPTT team met with Solome to talk about the work they do, how organizations can deploy scalable mental health services, as well as the types of partners they work with like ACOs, PCPs and more. Tune in to the conference on Wednesday to hear their CMO, Dr. Nazanin Alavi, discuss how to launch a digital mental health clinic at the conference.

What is OPTT?

OPTT is a digital mental health platform that empowers providers to offer continuous & customized support to their patients in an accessible & scalable way. The addition…

Traci Bolander, PsyD, CEO, Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health, will be discussing the role of measurement-based care at the conference and their partnership with NeuroFlow.

Solome spoke with the NeuroFlow team to discuss what they do, how they have been able to quickly to respond to COVID-19, and their partnerships with a variety of organizations like Jefferson Health System and more. Get excited to hear about how they’re partnering with Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health at the conference.

What is NeuroFlow?

NeuroFlow is a healthcare technology and analytics company enabling behavioral health access and engagement across the continuum of care. Combining validated techniques, data science, and behavioral economics, NeuroFlow helps leading healthcare, insurance, and government organizations deliver personalized, evidence-based behavioral health solutions, at scale. NeuroFlow’s suite of…

The Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech Summit is on June 17th — sign up to hear more about Livongo and many more

Ahead of our #GDBHT2020 session with Dr. Julia Hoffman, VP Behavioral Health Strategy at Livongo, Solome connected with the Livongo team for a brief discussion about what they do, how has COVID-19 played a role in the care they provide, and the urgent need to provide people with chronic conditions solutions to manage their conditions while staying at home

What is Livongo?

Livongo empowers people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives, beginning with diabetes and now including hypertension, weight management, diabetes prevention, and behavioral health. Livongo pioneered the category of Applied Health Signals to offer Members clinically-based…

This interview was originally posted on 120/80 MKTG’s blog on May 22, 2020

In advance of the Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech conference on June 17th, 120/80 MKGT CEO Rob Cronin had the opportunity to connect with the conference’s Founder and Cognific CEO, Solome Tibebu. Her professional and personal story is inspiring to all.

RC: Tell us about the Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech conference. What is it all about? ST: A couple of months ago it was becoming obvious that all of the healthcare conferences were getting canceled due to Covid-19. Meanwhile, telehealth policy was changing rapidly to help…

Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech

The Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech summit is for health plans, health systems, startups and investors to share best practices for teletherapy #GDBHT2020

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